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Prestige Care.

Committed to Provide you with Quality Nursing Care Services​

Taking Care of Your Family and More...


Prestige Care is a service provider of professional nursing and health care based in Hong Kong. When you partner with us to create a wellness program for one of your family member or yourself, not only will you discover our elite nursing and health care services, you will also find other quality peripheral services that are tailor-made to your specifications and needs. 

It is evident that nursing care alone is not sufficient to serve the array of needs and difficulties a family encounters with illness, injuries or maybe pregnancy falling on their doorsteps. All sorts of disruption to the family will arise with these incidents occurring. Prestige Care will propose remedial planning to bring these disruptions down to a minimum, so that everyone, including the person in need of nursing or health care, will be able to carry on with their everyday life as usual. On top of that, we offer wellness programs and encourage our patients to enroll in them so they may get back on track sooner and healthier. These programs include nutrition and diet, wellness training, massage therapy, stress management plus an appropriate amount of personal touch we bring to each household. 


It is our vision to bring to our customers the most comprehensive nursing care service in Hong Kong. We will go out of our ways to make a difference in our nursing and health care services so that our customers are being taken care of soundly and adequately.


We pledge to serve all of our customers with warmth and wholehearted dedication. For us, devotion is a core attribute we seek in our staff. We invite only those with a genuine heart to serve, a commitment to ethical conduct and a passion toward their particular professions to provide services for our customers at Prestige Care. 


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