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Prestige Care Service Group


Prestige Care - it is all about human connection and the fulfillment through it.

About Us


How We Connect

At Prestige Care we are passionate in the creation and sustaining of a personal linkage with every customer. This connection we build is one which grew out of the understanding of our customers' requirements and respect toward their personal private life. We believe caring professionals who are sensitive to their patients' well-being and interests are core to high-quality nursing and health care services. Life heals with love and dedication from within and around, and we are there to assist in filling the gaps so it may blossom in abundance.

Why We Are Different 

Our services are more customized and broader in scope than traditional care service providers:

  • Customer Privacy Agreement 

  • Free Insurance Claiming ​Service

  • Flexible Service Plans & Options

  • Provision of Wellness Programs

  • Provision of Logs and Reports

  • Top Quality Service Hotline

Our Team

Our professional team is accredited by the Hong Kong Government, they include:

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Enrolled Nurse (EN)

  • Health Care Assistant (HCA)

  • New Mother Lunar-Assistant

  • Fitness Coach

  • Insurance Consultant

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